Trading Bots

Trading Bots usages involve risks similar to classic trading. They require more attention than traditional HYIPs, and they should probably be adjusted and configured according to the context. If you are new to trading, you should have an understanding of trading before trying to run a trading bot.

Multiple types of trading bots exist: Grid / Copy Trading / DCA / RSI / MA / Custom and more. 

The trading bots can be connected to your exchanges via API Keys (that you should keep safe), directly on a trading platform or on your broker. Here at 10PercentMinimum, we tend to prefer API Trading Bots because of the security they offer (your funds stay on your exchange) but some exceptions remain. Using multiple bots on multiple exchanges can become overwhelming to manage and risky if bots strategies start to overlap and clash. This is why it can also be interesting to also consider other trading platforms.

Nothing to see? We are testing bots right now! Content coming very soon.