What is Swapnex.io

Swapnex.io is an automated multifunctional arbitrage platform proposing both manual and automatic trading. The company, Swapnex PTY LTD, has been officially registered in Australia the 4 January 2021. Headquarters are located in Sydney, without any other information. The staff is on multiple social medias as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Medium and  more actively on Telegram but the lack of informations about the CEO and the staff is a real problem. This is why this program is still “in test” until we are satisfied by their transparency which is not the case right. They don’t seem to be willing to provide more informations so be careful.



Swapnex PTY LTD, registered the 4th January 2021, in Australia, located at Sydney and engaged in cryptocurrency arbitrage trading. They have a second office in London.

A reactive support answer questions through mail, a telegram group is available to answer most of the questions, and they are on Youtube / Medium / Facebook and Twitter.




Swapnex.io is a platform  proposed by the company to do arbitrage trading between multiple exchanges (7 to 18 exchanges). The platform allows manual and automated trading. Benefits are generated by trading between different exchanges (buying low / selling high).

The platform is running since Jun 2021.

Wallets are custodials, this means that Swapnex is hosting your funds and the wallet keys. They are responsible of the security of the wallets.



7 AI Programs:

30 Days: 1 daily trade (50$ min)
45 Days: 2 daily trades (50$ min)
60 Days: 3 daily trades (50$ min)
90 Days: 4 daily trades (50$ min)
120 Days: 5 daily trades (2,000$ min)
180 Days: 6 daily trades (10,000$ min)
360 Days: 8 daily trades (50,000)

The investment is locked for the whole program duration and is returned at the end.



0.05% to 1.1% per trade (manual or automated).

Estimated monthly gain, based on our own past results:

30 Days : ~12% monthly
45 Days : ~24% monthly
60 Days : ~36% monthly
90 Days : ~48% monthly
120 Days
: ~60% monthly
180 Days
: ~72% monthly
360 Days
: ~96% monthly

Benefits are directly available in your account e-wallet.


This table list the cryptocurrencies available on Swapnex, the minimum required to run a program but also the minimum amount required for withdrawal and the withdrawal fees.
Some of these crypto like BNB, USDT (TRC20) and USDT (BEP20) have no withdrawal fees.

Cryptocurrency Name - Network Minimum Required Minimum Withdrawal Withdrawal Fees
Bitcoin (BTC)
0.0013 BTC
0.001 BTC
0.00025 BTC
Ethereum (ETH)
0.018 ETH
0.01 ETH
0.0015 ETH

Litecoin (LTC)
0.43 LTC
0.03 LTC
0.00033 LTC

350 DOGE
100 DOGE

Tether (USDT) - ERC20
Tether (USDT) - TRC20
No Fee

Tether (USDT) - BEP20
No Fee

Ripple (XRP)
80 XRP
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
0.17 BCH
0.01 BCH
0.0001 BCH

0.13 BNB
0.05 BNB
No Fee

Tron (TRX)
830 TRX
100 TRX
10 TRX

0.52 DASH
0.1 DASH
0.00005 DASH

Zcash (ZEC)
0.5 ZEC
0.05 ZEC
0.00001 ZEC

Stellar (XLM)
260 XLM
30 XLM
0.0001 XLM

Before Investing

DYOR* - Do Your Own Research*

We truly want to make this website as complete as we can, with as much information and example as we can provide. Even with our efforts to keep everything updated, we can miss some information. Remember that if you want to invest, you are responsible for your decisions and you should take some time to search deeper, on your own. 

We are not Financial Advisors

All the content shared with you on this platform is shared as educational content only. We are not financial advisors nor crypto experts. We simply analysis, searching, tests and documentation about investment programs we are interested in. 

Invest only what you can afford to lose

Investment has always associated risks. Risks are even greater in the cryptocurrencies sphere and trading. You should always consider that the money you invest is lost and risk only money you are ready to lose. We also suggest you to have a strict investment strategy and to withdraw your initial investment as soon as you can. The objective is to earn money or at least not to lose some.

Become an affiliate

Because we invest our own money, we want to find strong, solid, stable investment programs. As many of you, we have been scammed some times and we have decided to share these information on a website. This way, you can find current programs that we tests, programs we have approved and also scamswe have identified. We decide to share our referral links only for approved and “in test” programs. By supporting us using our links, you become an affiliate at no extra cost for you and you make the program share a part of its benefits with us. Because this is extra money, we share a part with our affiliates through affiliates giveaways and also scam rescue giveaways.
If you think that 10percentminimum is doing great and you like this content, you could maybe join our affiliates!


How does it work?

To make it simple, Swapnex is working with multiple exchanges (from 6 to 15 exchanges depending of your account plan).

Swapnex analyses markets price of the selected cryptocurrency on the available exchanges: here is an example of prices available for the Bitcoin. By doing arbitrage trading, Swapnex buy at low price and sell at a higher price. This is simple. Because it’s arbitrage trading, trades doesn’t have big ROI but are always (normally) guaranteed.

Example: BTC is a 41 000 on platform 1, and 42 000 on platform2 (we ignore fees for this example)
You buy 100 USDT of BTC at 41 000$ -> 0.002439 BTC (USDT -> BTC)
You now sell your 0.02439 BTC at 42 000$ -> 102.43 USDT (BTC -> USDT)
To sum up: you earned 2.43 USDT with arbitrage. This is exactly what this platform is doing, except that the platform, due to its big amount of trades, has lower platform fees.

Swapnex has 2 trading mode: Manual when you set your trade by yourself, Auto when the program automaticly trade for you (this is what we are interested in).

How much can I expect to earn with Swapnex Auto Mode?

Gains depends on the exchanges prices. We can’t expect a stable ROI but we can mesure an average. Based on our results, the average gain we have is 0.4% per trade. It can go from 0.05% to 1.1% (based on our results).

Now Swapnex proposes 7 programs based on duration and daily trades number:

30 Days Program: 1 Daily Trade
45 Days Program: 2 Daily Trades
60 Days Program: 3 Daily Trades
90 Days Program: 4 Daily Trades
120 Days Program: 5 Daily Trades
180 Days Program: 6 Daily Trades
360 Days Program: 8 Daily Trades

As you can imagine, the more you trade, the more you earn. If we keep having good trades as we have these days, we can expect 12% monthly per daily trade (4 daily trades -> 48% monthly). In fact, for the month of january (30 days), based on USDT -> LTC with a 90 days program, our ROI is 50.5%, which is surnatural.

How to withdraw my earning?

Withdrawing money on Swapnex is pretty easy and straigtforward. You need your deposit address, on the right network of course (TRC20 / BEP20 or ETC20). You just have to put the amount you want to withdraw and validate your withdrawal.

A minimum is required for withdrawal (~10$). Fees can also be applied depending on the cryptocurrency and the network running it. For DOGE crypto, a minimum of 100 DOGE is required for withdrawal, on which is applied 2 DOGE as fees, which leave you 98 DOGE (example below)

Withdrawals often happen in few hours (between 30 min to 4 hours in our case). And to give your an idea of how easy it is to withdraw, I have been able to withdraw more than 50 times in two months, sometimes 5 times a day.