HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program, and by “High Yield” we also mean “High Risks”. In the cryptoworld, the risks sadly come in the majority of cases from the human factor: Fake programs, Scams, Rug Pulls, Ponzis. Many names but the same problem.

In 10PercentMinimum.com, we believe that such legal and viable programs exists but they have to be found, hunted, tracked and tested. In fact, even if the programs we test works during months or years and pay without any problem, the risks remain. It can disappear at anytime with our money. This is why “investing” will always come with risks.

So you understand that in this section we’ll talk about very risky programs. If you want to invest in HYIPs, you should have a strategy. In our case we always minimze our losses first by withdrawing as often as possible. Even if compounding is powerful, we forget about it at first. We should always keep in mind that we lose money first, then we aim for breakeven. Only after that we make some profit.

Our #1 Strategy:

1. Minimize our losses by withdrawing

2. Make Breakeven, get our initial investment back

3. Start making profits


Swapnex.io, an automated multifunctional arbitrage platform proposing both manual and automatic trading. Due to its high ROI, high referral rewards, the team, the activity and the regulation opacity, we have classified it as an HYIP.