10PercentMinimum is more than a website, it’s a community of investors aiming to reach financial freedom mainly through automated trading and investment programs. 

The Story

The project has been initiated by Jor at the end of december 2021. Developer, Investor & Entrepreneur, he tried investment programs multiple times and ended up losing money, like too many people out there. Because of the lack of experiences, informations and too credulous, he felt into many scams’ traps. Determined to find good programs, he multiplied his researches, started to identify fakes, scams, risky programs but also more interesting programs and documentate everything on Medium during his free time. If the website is up now, it’s because of the active and positive community that also asked for help, to reach the same objectives, but also helped by sharing knowledges and experiences.

10% Minimum

Are we looking for 10% of ROI per month? Yes, this is definetly the idea, but this is really hard, this is why we will also reviews programs with 10% ROI per year, but you should understand that it’s not our priority right now.

The Programs

The idea is simple: We are looking for High Yield Investments but most of the programs are scams / ponzis. 
The idea is not to “jump” on the bot at the right time and make profit. In fact, this is just stealing money from other investors. Here the idea is to avoid these illegal programs to find real added values programs. The truth is that only few HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs) are legal and stable while the others are scams. Here comes our mission: review programs, detect scams (when possible) then minimize losses, aim for breakeven then, only after that, making profit. 

The other big family of investment we are looking at is Trading Bots. 
These bots, based on trading strategies (automated or manual) have different risks, more related to trading like impermanent losses. We tend to use API connected trading bots because the crypto stay on our exchange and the programs are not able to withdraw: we still own our crypto. Some other bots require to have a direct access to our money via a wallet hosted by the company, these kind of bots can be risky because of the scam possibilities associated, but sometimes this is the way it works. ex: on forex trading, it’s a necessity to use a broker, and sometimes the bot decided to have a partnership with a non-regulated broker.

Stacking, Liquidity Pools, NFTs & DeFi
At 10PercentMinimum, we are a little less aware of what is happening into these subjects but a part of our community is really active on these subjects. Feel free to share your researches with us!




Initiator, Entrepreneur, Developer & Investor

I hunt HYIP and trading bots out of scams for others and myself. I've been consuming internet content from many years and from many generous guys without being thankful. It's time to give it back with my researches and experiments. I also believe that being honest, simple, accessible and relaxed is totaly compatible with investment and entrepreneurship. "The More We Know, The More We Earn"

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