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What is Kryll? is a crypto trading platform, initiated by a french team in 2018, on which you can create automated trading strategies without coding knowledge (via a drag’n drop editor), trade manualy via a terminal but you can use others strategies available in a marketplace.

The Team is pretty solid, with many years in IT & blockchain. In fact, Kryll is just one of the projects of their Cryptense Company, where they also provide deep learning solution and cryptocurrencies mining.

How does it work?

Kryll’s platform trades using API Keys so it can’t withdraw your funds (your funds are safe on your exchange, no risk of scam or rug pull here). The platform currently allows 10 exchanges to be connected with the platform:

In my opinion, Binance is currently one of the easiest, most user friendly and most powerful exchange of the moment. You can also get 10% less trading fees with the ref link! The other reasons that pushed me to use Binance over FTX / Kucoin or Kraken is the trading volume: I had trouble with my custom made strategies with order limits on FTX.

But Kryll is not a free platform, the bots running strategies need “fuel” to work: the so called $KRL token. To get started, the platform give $7 of $KRL when you subscribe. You also get 30% during 2 weeks using my referral link:, and I’ll send you an extra of 5 KRL!

Allow me to smash that “Send” button for you!

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How much does it cost?

A KRL costs is currently 0.54 USDT.
Kryll programs cost 1% per month of the strategy amount.

You have selected a strategy and want to allow 500 USDT for it. It will cost you 5 USDT per month, paid in KRL, which will be 9.2 KRL per month.

Many strategies of the marketplace also require some % to work (You can find free strategies but remember that many strategies are not free, as they make you money). In general, strategies of the marketplace also need 1% of the strategy amount.

This means that if you use a strategy with 500 USDT, Kryll will pay itself 9.2 KRL and also 9.2 KRL to the developer of the strategy.

Is it worth it?

In the interest of the platform and the strategies makers, it’s very important to have winning strategies so yes, it’s worth.

To be honest & transparent, I’m making strategies too and would like to make them available on the marketplace but the strategies are reviewed manually, backtested, live-tested for a month and need to be profitable, so the strategy selection is rought.

Majority of the strategies are worth it, but each strategy has its own specificities (most efficient pairs / exchange / type of market / short or long term). You can backtest strategies to know how they will react during the market.

Which strategies do I use?

I use 3 strategies from the marketplace, and I also use the recommanded exchange and pairs on each.

So, I use Enigma, The Summit & Controversus:

My current live strategies: Enigma V5, The Summit & Controversus.

Below is my Enigma Result, launched 13 days ago:
At left, the result if I was simply holding BTC, at right, the result with the program. Strategy results are the results of the strategy. Performance analysis is the difference between the holding strategy and the bot strategy. Pretty impressive right?

Holding vs strategy results

And the chart associated with Selling / Buying position:

Buy & Selling Points chart

Final Thought

I’m falling in love with Kryll. The platform is very well designed, the community on telegram is very active and helpful (as well as the support) and funds are safe on your accounts.

Risks still exist: this is trading and sometimes the strategies will not make it as well as expected. An easy solution is to diversify, using multiple strategies.

For those who want to make custom strategies, the editor can be a bit buggy sometimes, requires some trading knowledge and some training to use it but Kryll has many tutorial on how to use it so you’ll have absolutely no problem.

My tips to get started:

Start by simply create your account and roam on the website, look at the strategies on the marketplace, backtest some of them. Once you feel okay with the platform, you’ll just have to connect your exchange via API key and start using the platform for free with the free KRL offered by both the platform and me.

Feel free to join us on Discord as we have a channel dedicated to Kryll!


Here at we test investment programs, share our experiences, informations and analysis with you. Using our affiliation links is the best way to support us and allows us to hunt more investment programs.

Kryll is honestly pure gold and I plan to make strategies but also guides / tips & tricks about strategies. I also offer 5 KRL to the first 1000 affiliates!

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