Swapnex – Scam Exit

swapnex scam exit

Swapnex, an “arbitrage trading platform” or at least this is what they claim to do through their platform, has been forced (or has decided) to drastically reduce withdrawals since the 15th of May. Withdrawals now take a lot of time (more than 24h, our community also reported payments after 40+ hours) and are limited to 100$ per day.

They claim, in an article, that this situation is a direct consequence of the market crash and global fear:

The market situation is causing fear among traders and holders. Many exchanges face overload due to withdrawal requests.

According to them, the situation should be fixed the 24th of May. The reality is that, in my opinion, the platform is planning its “Scam Exit”. They also have already removed their Medium Account, without any explanation.

In fact, if you have been following some of the newly trading bots of the year (Quwiex, Attiora, IPC and many more), you should know that the first thing impacted before a scam exit is the withdrawal functionality.

In my opinion, do not invest anymore in this platform as things are not going well.

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