LogicPro — HYIP in trouble?

I will not go into the investment plans details for this project until I will not be satisfied with its current situation.
I may be wrong about this project, but I think this is very risky. I prefer being too cautious and wrong than sharing a scam with you. Share your thoughs with us and let me know if you still want to invest. I’ll can probably drop you a referall link and add you to our referall list (to gain access to free giveaway and more)!

LogicPro is an HYIP created in 2019 by the company LogicPro Group LTD, founded the June 22, 2018 by Joseph Abena.

What LogicPro says about themself:

Logic Pro opens up a huge world of cryptocurrency trading for its clients. The company provides a unique opportunity to start earning a great income without delving into details of the world of crypto-trading.

SO. I have no idea if the project is paying or not as I planned to invest in it but what I’ve discovered let me rethink about it.

Let’s take a look at the informations we got following the registration number and certificates.

The number is clickable, here is the link.

The CEO is Joseph Abena, born in September 1984. I’ve not been able to find anyone corresponding to this person. Let me know if you have some proof of any existing Joseph Abena from September 1984. Until then, I’ll consider this person a fake.

What the documentation says is that the company, created in 2018, has been dissolved in the 12 January 2021. The initial capital is only 1GBP (1.3$). This is pretty low for a trading company but why not, this is possible. It becomes weird when you look at the filling history.

So, 2 notices of compulsory strike-off to finally being dissolved the 12 january 2021.

Compulsory Strike-Off?

If I am right, it can be done by the company itself to shutdown the company or by a third-party due to non-compliance. In this case of LogicPro:

  • The company has failed to submit its annual confirmation statement
  • The company has failed to file its accounts on time, within the stated deadline of 9 months after the financial year-end
  • The company has not notified Companies House about a change to their official registered address
  • There is no director in place

source: https://www.clarkebell.com/blog/what-is-compulsory-strike-off/

So, what happened?

It seems that they got into trouble right? But here is there version:

“In a short period of time we were able to increase a Statement of capital to 7 million USD, and promptly became one of the most successful players in the cryptocurrency world, with a current turnover of more than 50 million USD”

Can someone explain me how can a company be that much successful and being in trouble at the same time?

To verify by yourself.

So the company has been created by “Mr” Sarah Biddle, born in May 1977:

Here come a new CEO. This person has put an initial capital of 5,000,000 GBP (6.6m$). But guess what? I’ve not been able to find any information about “Sarah Biddle”. If you find anything, let me know.

Compulsory Strike-Off again?

Only 5 months after the company creation a wild Compulsory Strike-Off appears. Two days ago.

So what is next? Will the companycome back or crash in few days/weeks? Who knows…

Want more weird informations?

Here is the Company Director declaration of the current company: NOTHING.


In the same document:

Couldn’t identify Mr Sarah Biddle. Help.

Thank you for reading. This is a bit disconstructed but as I discovered it few hours ago, I wanted to share it as fast as possible. In your opinion, what are the chances of LogicPro being a scam?

If by any chance, we can proove that LogicPro is solid, I’ll write about the investment plans they offer.

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