Zetbull, a well known HYIP, paying and up for more than 960 days, is not paying anymore. It’s a bad time to invest in it, wait for things to be clarified.

I’ve made an article about it in december, about its earnings and the possible strategies to earn more, without having test withdrawals, based on the many positives comments of this platform. It’s been a month since the platform doesn’t pay anymore. It seems that they have trouble with withdrawals but the fact that they don’t / can’t pay put them in the Scam status.

This is always a terrible feeling to losing money when you plan, at the opposite, to make more money but you know what’s worse : feeling responsible for my referreds, people who have decided to follow my “bad” decisions.

I was not prepared for this but, as my main objective of hunting stable, safe and generous programs out of scams is intact, I’m even more dedicated to this cause! (I have faith in 2 programs I’ve tested and I’ve been able to withdraw money from, and I’ve already shared one with you: Swapnex.io. I’m also looking at 4 more programs but still in test)

So, do not invest into Zetbull right now, wait for things to be clarified, and look for something else. I still hope about withdrawals being reactivated. Please, if you’re being scammed, don’t fall for scam refunds groups on telegram, they’ll probably ask for funds or things like that, and you don’t want to lose even more money right? I’ll try to put in place scam rescue giveaway program based on a % of my earnings, to try to help scammed referred. This will take time but who knows, if you have been scammed, maybe you’ll got your money back!

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