10 Percent Minimum

We search, test, analyze and invest in programs that match our requirements, and filter out scams we encounter. Our first objective is simple: to make profit. For that, we want to avoid scams, rug pulls, ponzi at all cost because only projects with real added value can be stable and safe. Our second objective is to refer and share programs that earn 10% minimum per month, but also highlighting scams that promised similar gains. We don’t want to give our money to scammers. Our third objective is to be transparent and honest with you.

Making Profit

The main goal is to make money, keeping it safe and diversify our investments. We don’t want to lose money and scams / rug pulls / ponzis. Minimize losses, make breakeven then make profit.

10% Minimum

This is our monthly objective but as you can understand, it will depends on many factors. We believe that it’s possible to find such projects even if a lot of them are scams.  We are looking for the gems, even if this means finding only few projects.

Automated Programs & API Bots

Because trading is a very risky investment that depends on many factors, we think that trading robots are a safer way to invest in trading. They do not have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), they have no feelings, trade accordingly to well established rules and have a stable money management. If you have trading experience of your own, you should know why manual trading is so hard and why we love bots.

The majority of the program we will tests and review on 10PercentMinimum will probably be Automated Programs!

Giveaways & Scam Rescues

You can’t imagine how much you really help us by using our referral links. This is why we do Affiliate Giveaways, Airdrops and Scam Rescue Giveaways! Sharing the pieces of the cake is not optional!

In Test Programs

We classify programs based on their ROI, the withdrawal speed, the transparency of the company and many other characteristics. If it feels a bit empty, it’s because you are very early (or we are very late)! It takes time to test multiple programs as they often require some initial investments and time .Also note that we currently use our personal capital to invest and review programs.

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About 10PercentMinimum

This project has been initiated at the end of 2021 by myself (Jor) , developer, investor, and entrepreneur.

Driven by the notion to become financially free, I have tried many possible solutions. This is how I discovered firstly trading bots, and secondly and sadly, scams and ponzi programs too. 

By making mistakes, learning fast, gathering feedbacks and experiences from others, I’m now well aware of the big amount of scams and ponzis currently running, and its now easier to detect and avoid most of them to concentrate on real programs. With safe strategies, I have been able to double my capital in less than 5 months (starting small with $3,000). But diversification is the key of financial freedom, this is why, at 10PercentMinimum, we are now looking for more programs! It is the perfect opportunity to share our thoughts, experiments, test list and results with all of you while trying to earn money! And what about sharing part of our revenues with you through giveaways and “Scam Rescue” drops?!

We are not saints, we are interested by investment as much as you do, this is right. But honestly, in a world where everything is going too fast to follow, we made the choice to take our time, to do strong analysis, reward you and build a f***ing awesome community. We believe that making high quality content, doing giveaways and “Scam Rescues” are the right way of doing it and showing you that we really mean it. 


Being honest with you is the MINIMUM we can do. Sure, it could be tempting to deliver fake informations, selling you some dreams to earn money but we also have the choice to do it the right way. We believe that giving people real value always bring wealth and happiness, even if it takes time.

Affiliation is a strong way of supporting our investigations. 
By becoming an affiliate:

  • We will act as a support and prioritize you, answering your questions and helping you as much as we can
  • You gain access to affiliate specific contents
  • You are added to our “affiliate giveaway list” if we can access our referral list on the platforms
  • You will be notified by mail (if you want to) of detected scams, news and validated programs.


Affiliate Giveaways
We’ll do as often as we can giveaways, both for our affiliated supporters and others curious investors. Affiliate giveaways will be automatics. You have nothing to do to participate, just make sure to be in our affiliate list (you can contact us through our network) and wait for the winner annoucement posts! 

Classic giveaways
Well, nothing special here, rules and prize will be announced!

It’s okay if you don’t want to join, feel free to do so! We will still help you! But remember that referral links are a good way of supporting our activity.

Risks & Responsibility

The not sexy but important part you should be aware of.

We are not pro
We are not professional investors nor financial advisors nor crypto experts. We use our knowledge about programming and finance but also experiences, tests, analysis, researches to identify interesting programs and sharing these informations with you, for educational purpose only.

While doing our researches about trading programs (and maybe some HYIPs), we try to debusk as faster and as much as we can ponzis (pyramid scheme) and scams. You must know that there is no guarantee nor real security in HYIPs or trading programs. Risk is a real thing and unfortunately, a big majority of High Yield Investments Programs are scams. This is why we can’t guarantee anything. You should always consider HYIPs as Scams, and try to get your initial investment back as soon as possible.

Don’t be GREEDY
You want to earn money, not losing it to scammers right?! Leave compounding for later, when you’ll have your initial investment back. Make sure to do not lose money before even trying to make benefits.


Projects Viability
Because an HYIP is alive since a long period of time doesn’t mean it’s safe. The viability of a project is somehow complicated to determine but some indicators really help. Sadly, even established companies can go bankrupt.
As a base to determine the viability of a project, you can at least look at its business model (does the project add real value to users?), its deposit and withdrawal processes, its community, the transparency of the company and the ROI announced (avoid fixed ROI, as nothing is static in this world).

We will try our best to discover a project viability and will NEVER support proven scams . The rest is up to you to make your decision whether or not to try it.

Your Responsibility

  • Do You Own Researches (DYOR). Yes, we try do to most of the job for you but if you want to go further investing, you should check informations on multiple sources until you are satisfied and feel okay to invest.
  • Don’t risk all you have. In reality you should only risk what you are ready and can afford to lose. The objective is to make you, not the scammers, rich
  • As we invest and take our own responsibility for our investment, the same is available to you. You decide to invest by yourself, it becomes your responsibility.

We can sometimes share referral links without having totally approved a program: Having a referral link from us doesn’t mean the program is safe! It only means that we are testing it and we provide a link for those interested in testing the program too. 

Reminder: Consider HYIPs as Scams until this is proven wrong.

We prefer trading programs rather than HYIPs because the risks are lower, it is often possible to have a visibility on the trades. Numerous documents are required to make an official trading activity. It’s also easier to find informations.

10PercentMinimum.com is a platform where we share our researches and analysis of investment programs and trading bots. All the content shared on this website is for educational purpose only. We are not professional Investors, financial advisors nor crypto experts. We invest our own money in programs and try to share with as much transparency as we can, our observations, tests and results.